It’s Open…Finally

At long last the FRENCH CREEK BISTRO has opened. It’s the place that burned down a couple of years ago next to Sam’s Sushi in FRENCH CREEK. It was supposed to open last fall but didn’t until last weekend. 



I have not tried it but I went in today to take a look. Very casual coffee shop ambiance. In my opinion, not particularly inviting. An L shaped counter with about 8 seats and a half a dozen tables for 4. Two big screenTVs and a display case with some baked goods. I took a look at menu board. Pretty limited so far. Didn’t notice if they are licensed. Here is the lunch menu. 


It was quite busy with what seemed to mostly be working guys on their lunch break.

No Facebook page or website so far.  When I try it I’ll report further. Meamwhile if anyone has been, let me know your thoughts.  So far I’m not excited. 

Just saying…

One thought on “It’s Open…Finally

  1. Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn………………

    So far it looks like a long wait for nothing special.



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