🎄Christmas Dinner🎄

Christmas Dinner is something we have always enjoyed at our home or someone else’s home. But this year our neighbours invited us to join them and another couple at the C View Restaurant at the Qualicum Beach Inn.  What a good idea! Why not.

So the C View had sittings at 2, 4, 6 & 8 PM and we were booked in for the 4.  The sittings were fully booked and I’m guessing they may have had a wait list. Too bad if you were one who didn’t get in because you missed a really good dinner!

Despite the full restaurant and overflowing bar, the staff did a great job of handling the hungry. They were running a bit behind schedule but we were eventually seated and welcomed by our delightful and efficient server, Marisa. 

It was a set 3 course dinner. 3 appetizers, Soup, Salad or Mini Tortierre. The Mains were Turkey or Ham and for dessert you could choose Pumpkin Pie or a Peach/Apple Cobbler. At our table all 3 appetizers were represented and all were well received. My favourite girl and I chose the Tortierre which was delicious. All but one ordered Turkey and it was a full plate. Very generous helping of Turkey, both white and dark. Dressing,  Cranberry Sauce, Creamy Mashed Potatoes and some mixed vegetables were included. It was really good and was more than most of us could finish. The one Ham eater claimed that, it too, was delicious. And there were several take home leftover packages too. 

Overall it was a wonderful Christmas Dinner.  Great food, good service, lovely venue and good friends. And the bonus…nothing to clean up! 

Christmas dinner out was a complete success.  And having cooked a small Turkey Breast at home earlier ensured that Turkey Sandwiches would be the order of the day on Boxing Day. 

If you are thinking of dinner out next December 25, you won’t go wrong at the Qualicum Beach Inn! 

Just saying…


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