Nashville Hot Chicken

Nashville, Tennessee is one place in the USA we have not visited but youngest son and his wife have and they first told us about the now famous NASHVILLE HOT CHICKEN. it seems that back in the 30’s a philanderer named Thornton Prince stepped out on his wife one night and in retaliation the next day she loaded his fried chicken with Cayenne Pepper. It backfired. He loved it and soon it became popular all around Nashville.

Today, in Nashville, Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack is still serving up the deliciousness.  The other famous joint is HATTIE B’S HOT CHICKEN. They have several locations in and around Nashville and they ship their chicken all over the country. Probably not to Canada though. Check out their website.

Since I don’t expect to get to Nashville anytime soon, I was delighted when I learned that right here in Canada A & W Restaurants were introducing their version of the Nashville crusty bird. So the other day I pointed the Acura towards the local A&W for a trial. My conclusion? It’s really good. Very crusty chicken with pickles and a sauce. It is HOT❗️So if you can’t take the heat, stay away from this one. But for me, I’ll be back for more. A Touch of Nashville right here in Parksville. 

If you want to make this dish in your own kitchen, check out this recipe.

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