Met two old business colleagues for lunch last week at the FINAL APPROACH, which is located overlooking the runway at the Qualicum Beach Airport. The restaurant is well set up for Covid protocol with semi opaque dividers between the tables which affords considerable privacy.  Our server was prompt and charming an took our drink orders immediately. One of my friends ordered, to my surprise a Foo Foo cocktail, called ‘The Paper Airplane’. He then had a beer and so did I.

I ordered the Seafood Chowder which was one of the best I’ve ever had. Absolutely delicious. Went nicely with their excellent Fish & Chips.  The Foo Foo drinker had a bowl of the chowder along with the steak sandwich both of which he declared outstanding.  Our other friend had Calamari, which he claims are the best in the area, and a salad.  All served promptly.

The food here is really good and we would recommend this joint to everyone. You can check out the menu here Menu – Final Approach (

Resservations are recommened. Call 250-752-8966

FINAL APPROACH is open for Lunch and Dinner and Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Closed Monday and Tuesday. Free parking too.

By the way, don*t expect much heavy aircraft traffic here. It’s
Qualicum Beach not YVR. We did see one small plane take off and land. Exctiting.

Just saying…


Canada’s Prime Minister recently suggested that we were not experiencing any Inflation in the country. How wrong could he be?

On November 13, my son and I dined at the Qualicum Beach Café. It was excellent food and service. The Seafood Gnocchi was $22. The Tenderloin Steak was $34.00, Not bad.

Move ahead 4 weeks to December 11.  I was treated to dinner at the same restaurant by old friends from Victoria. I had the Seafood Gnocchi again but this time it was $34.00. a 50% increase.  My friend ordered the steak and it was now $45.00. That is a 32% increase.  In a month!

Maybe its just me but I think that is definitely inflation. 

Just saying…