Once known as the BOAR’S HEAD PUB, then the FRENCH CREEK Marine Pub, this joint recently reopened following some renovations as the FRENCH CREEK SOCIAL HALL What the hell is ab Social Hall. Perhaps a place for Bingo or a Craft Fair? If you were driving by and saw the sign, would you think it might be a great spot for lunch? I think not.

Despite the aforementioned, today we met Uncle Murray for lunch at said place. And it was a really good one. The old pub has had a facelift and seems cleaner and more orderly but still has the same tables and chairs. So not much is different except THE FOOD!

The new menu has some wonderfully interesting offerings. Sheila & I opted for the FISH TACOS, and, oh my it was a great choice. 3 Tacos with large pieces of perfectly deep fried cod for only $16. They were delicious. Murray chose the soup of the day, a hearty Beef Barley.

Some of the other dishes which appealed to me include a Shrimp Po’Boy, Fire Dusted Calamari, Lobster Roll and Ragin’Cajun Jambalaya. Here is the full menu:

Monday to Friday there is Happy Hour from 3-6 with some very reasonably priced appetizers and beverages.

If you live in the area you must try the food here. It’s good! Service is friendly and efficient, too. We will be back to sample them soon. The Menu is a real winner. If only they called the joint a PUB.

FRENCH CREEK Social Hall is at the FRENCH CREEK Marina. Turn off 19A at Lee Road. Lots of free parking right in front. Reservations if you wish call 250-947-6963 or

Well worth your consideration.

Just saying…


TUSCANY is famous for wine, food, fabulous countryside, Torture Museums and CERAMICS. In the hillside town of San Gimignano several shops sell locally made ceramics. Everything from wine stoppers to dining tables. 

Not surprisingly we bought a suitcase full to bring back to Canada. Most of it we bought at LEONCINI on the Main Street in San Gimmy.

This is the store. 

LEONCINI is the largest ceramic store in the area and it is a delight to visit. Oil & Balsamic bottles were high on our list and we both brought a set home. I picked up coffee mugs to replace those I bought on a previous visit. 

The ‘piece de resistance’ however, are the stunningly beautiful ceramic dining tables. I fell in love with them on my first visit in 2007 but have resisted a purchase. They are expensive. A 36 inch round table is about 950€ or about $1400 Canadian plus shipping.  So tempted though. Finally I decided they Italian design really didn’t fit with all the Oriental pieces in my home. Nevertheless it was tempting. Maybe in a future visit. 

These tables would be perfect on a patio or in some kitchens. Perhaps yours.

If you have the opportunity to visit San Gimingnano be sure and spend some time in LEONCINI. Take lots of cash! And remember they ship all over the world. 

Just saying…