Another Drive, Another Pub.

Since it was such a beautiful sunny day, my favourite girl thought a drive would be the plan. So at noon we jumped into the ILX and headed up 19A to Comox to check out a pub we only recently heard about.


Right beside the Canadian Forces Air Base is the GRIFFIN PUB. We arrived just after 1300 so there were lots of tables. The pub is decorated is all manner of military memorabilia, mostly air force variety. The walls are covered in dozens and dozens of photos and drawings of military planes. Quite interesting if you are into aircraft.

We had heard that this was a great pub, a favourite of some folks we know who live in the area, so my expectations were high.  Unfortunately, we were somewhat disappointed. The food was OK but was just regular old pub food. I had the Beef Dip which wasn’t even close to the gold standard Beef Dip at the Crow & Gate Pub. The latter serves up at least twice the Beef for less money. My favourite girl chose Chicken Fingers with a honey mustard dip. Was good but nothing to rave about.

Our server was a pleasant young lady who did a good job, although the table beside us remained uncleared during most of our time there even though 3 different staff people came by and looked at it.

All things considered, I’ll choose the Crow & Gate, The Lantzville, The Rocking Horse, or the Shady Rest before going back to the Griffin.

If you want to give it a try, you can find the Griffin At 1185 Kilmorley Road in Comox.

Here is their website.

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The Rusted Rake in Nanoose

Having driven by THE RUSTED RAKE Restaurant in Nanoose many times, we decided that today we would give it a try. We arrived just before 1:00 and found the place nearly full. No tables left so we sat at the bar. Well it’s like a bar without liquor. No beer or wine here yet. Maybe by the fall they say. Too bad.

One orders at the counter here. Mostly soups, salads & sandwiches. We chose to share the Pastrami Sandwich with an order of Cole slaw and two Cappuccinos . The food was very good but for $15.50 a sandwich better be good. Everything is made to order so the food delivery was slow.

The room is bright with lots of big windows, a fireplace and in summer a patio. It is large and noisy. The acoustics are such that is annoyingly noisy. For that reason and the lack of wine it will be a while before we go back.

However, if you are interested, here is the sandwich board.y


No website but they are on Facebook. This joint is on Northwest Bay Road in Nanoose. Turn at the Petrocan station on Highway 19 and it’s a few hundred yards down the road.

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Lunch in Courtenay

Since we were doing a Costco run to Comox today our post shopping timing was prefect for a late lunch somewhere. So why  not a visit to Stephen & Carol’s FRANKIEJO’S Bakery Cafe in Courtenay.

We were greeted by Stephen and his daughter Frankie like good old friends. After catching up we took a look at the specials board and decided to share a Grilled Mango Glazed Chicken Sandwich on foccacio with pineapple coconut slaw and siracha mayo. Plus I ordered a cup of todays special soup…Milligitawny.

Wow, was the sandwich delicious and large. Perfect to share. Carol’s Foccacio Bread was excellent. And the soup was very tasty.

I enjoyed a coffee and my favourite girl had a cappuccino. In the afternoon? Yes! Something one should never do in Italy but it’s quite OK in Courtenay.

FRANKIEJO’S coffee is from Coyote Coffee Roastery in PARKSVILLE and it is fabulous. FRANKIEJO’S is selling so much of it that Stephen was off to buy a bigger, newer cappuccino machine.

This is a cute little bakery cafe that we strongly recommend if you are in the Comox Courtenay area. Great owners, delicious food. Check out their Facebook Page for daily specials. Here was today’s


Open Monday to Friday and located at 501 Fourth Street in Courtenay.

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Joy of Shopping

Shopping is something we don’t do much anymore, except food and wine shopping, of course. But today we set out to replace our, who knows how old,  washer & dryer. The washer is making very loud protestations in the spin cycle. Sounds like an over revving Indy Car and it’s death is definitely pending. Off we went to the big smoke. That would be Nanaimo.

Stop number one was Home Depot, a store I quite like. I headed directly to the appliance department and quickly found the laundry appliances. I looked and looked. I lingered and lingered hoping to make contact with a sales person. I was ready to buy. But did I encounter a person of knowledge? Nope. I high tailed it out of there and headed to THE BRICK. They too had a sale on and I hung out in their appliance department for a while. They had pretty much the same units as Home Depot and the same prices. Might have bought here if anyone had said Hello. Not a sign of a warm body.

So back in the car thinking I might have better luck at Lowe’s. Good selection, easy to find the appliances but no one working here either. Finally found a guy in a ball cap staring at a computer. Do you know anything about this stuff, I asked. I do, he replied but I’m busy with another customer, be with you in a minute. No sign of said customer. Maybe He was into Virtual Reality. I loitered awhile but ball cap disappeared so I took my leave.

Thought the Hudsons Bay might be worth a try so off we went to the mall. Well, well, well, there were actually two ladies in the department at the desk not far from the washing machines. I sauntered over and asked if either knew anything about the products and one said, She does. She turned out to be a very personable lady named Linda, a newcomer to the area who lives a few blocks from us in FRENCH CREEK.

Linda seemed quite knowledgeable and provided some insight into the Maytag units I was viewing. Their prices, on sale, were the same as the other possible vendors too. She printed off some details for me so I could think about the units and make sure they would fit the space in our home.

So the decision was made. The Bay it is. Can get points on the visa and points on The Bay rewards card too. Well done HUDSON’S BAY! The three other stores lost a really easy sale today because of rather appalling customer service. Amazing what can happen when there is someone to serve you.

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Bayside Bistro

Found another really good lunch place today as the boys had a pre Christmas lunch at the BAYSIDE BISTRO in the PARKSVILLE QUALITY INN. Oh yes, we have been driving past here several times a week for more than six years but had only once stopped. That was when we were house hunting and we had a quick refresher in the sports bar which was not impressive at all. We had heard good reports, however, on the Bayside Bistro and I’m glad we checked it out.

To begin, the bistro has a spectacular ocean and mountain view! It is a nice room, very spacious and a view from every table. And today the view was spectacular with all the fresh snow on the mainland mountains. In the summer months there is a patio which could be a winner on a sunny day in June. Fortunately, the food and service complimented the view. I chose a the day’s Special sandwich, fresh turkey on toasted Sourdough. It was delicious and was accompanied by excellent french fries. One could have soup or salad instead of fries.
This Bistro has a good selection of Craft Beer on tap. My Arrowsmith Blonde Lager, a local brew, was outstanding. Our server was friendly and efficient too.

The Bayside Bistro is open for breakfast,  lunch and dinner and the breakfast menu looks inviting. You can peruse the menu at

Based on our first visit we certainly will add this place to our recommended list. It’s at 240 Dogwood just off 19A in PARKSVILLE.


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Mekong River Parksville

We had dined at MEKONG RIVER a couple of times but not recently so last night we joined two other couples for dinner. They were not very familiar with Vietnamese food so we asked the very entertaining owner/manager to feed us. And he did. Very well!

We ordered some adult beverages and soon the food began arriving. First up was a huge bowl of WonTon soup to share. Excellent and plentiful wontons, crispy vegetables and tasty broth. The next arrival was steamed rice joined by Ginger Chicken, Lamb Curry, Chow Mein, Spicy Prawns, and Tamarind Pork. Every dish included delicious crispy vegetables. We devoured it all.

It was a Great sampling of Vietnamese cuisine that was really delicious. Our friends enjoyed it all so much there were immediate declarations of “we’ll be back”.

By the way, The Owner/manager is charming with an engaging crusty attitude. Quite entertaining, which added to the enjoyment of the dinner. No wonder the place was packed.

Reservations would be a good idea here. Call them at 250-586-8000. They don’t have a website but they are on Facebook where you can see the menu.

Mekong River Vietnamese Cuisine on 19A in PARKSVILLE. Try it.


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Yellow Point Christmas Spectacular

Yesterday we joined some friends and went to the matinee performance of the YELLOW POINT CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR at the wonderful Port Theatre in Nanaimo. What a show! Spectacular indeed.

Since we were expecting an all Christmas show we were pleasantly surprised to hear music from Rod Stewart, the Beatles, Lady Gaga, Garth Brooks & Shania Twain. The Beatles segment was particularly good with 3 male singers and the female singers and dancers wearing fabulous shimmering Union Jack dresses.

Yes there was a fair amount of Christmas music too with solos by several of the singers. And there was even audience participation singing several carols. There were just 3 female and 3 male singers and 5 dancers but it seemed like much more.

The band was amazing. Piano, violin, guitar, bass & drums. The sound from that small group was bold, loud and impressive. Two members of the band are faculty members in the music department of VIU.

A delightful part of the show was a series of solo recitations of poems and anecdotes. Really well done.

Great music, singing, dancing, costumes and staging. Very professional. If you have not seen this show, don’t miss it! Can’t go this year, plan for the 12th annual production next year. Only two days left. Last performance is Sunday, December 17.

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More Pub Grub!

This post may be somewhat repetitive but when you see a sign like this, well, one must stop.


Well, it was just past the lunch hour and they do have a new menu, so in we went! Not sure what all is new on the menu other than Poutine,, which I wouldn’t order anyway.  But, to be sure, this joint has lots of other good offerings.  Pulled Pork sounded good, tasted better, served on a Ciabatta bun and too many onion rings. Coconut prawns were my favourite girl’s choice and I managed to taste a couple of those too. On our last visit I tried the Clam Chowder and would highly recommend it.

Other deliciousness includes the Fish Tacos, Cod & Chips, which are very consistent.  If you are looking for less deep fried more healthy fare the menu includes some great salads. And remember, on Saturdays after 4 they serve up Carved Roast Beef with a huge Yorkshires, Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Roasted Seasonal Vegetables. Don’t forget to check their daily specials on the blackboard too.

On weekends and holidays breakfast is served from 11-4.  No Eggs Benny, but traditional bacon and eggs, an omelette or a scramble.

We love our local pubs and the Lantzville is one of the best.

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SCHNITZEL In Qualicum Beach

Well, there is a new place to dine in Qualicum Beach. The building at 3298 Island Highway has been empty for more than a year. When it was built it opened as an Asian fusion place, then became of pop up, basically, as the couple that now run Realm in PARKSVILLE ran it for awhile. It just opened this week as BLACK BIRD SCHNITZEL HAUS Restaurant. It’s on the left across the road from the Shorewater Resort.


We have not tried it but did pop in to take a look and peruse the menu. The owners have given the room a bit of a Bavarian touch with dark wood tables and some artwork. Simple but quite nice

The menu looks pretty standard for a schnitzel joint with at least 20 kinds of schnitzel to choose from. They also have pork chops and other Bavarian items. Schnitzels are in the $18-20 range.  The cooler looked to gave a good variety of German Beer too

Black Bird is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday to Sunday and for breakfast on the weekend.

If you are itching to put on the lederhosen and tuck into a delicious schnitzel, this might be worth a try. No web site site yet.

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