Getting old is definitely not for sissies! Living in the Parksville/Qualicum Beach area we are surrounded by seniors.  A trip to the grocery store is like a visit to a seniors home. Since I chose+to retire here I guess I must get used to the fact. 

As one ages, certain daily routines can become more challenging. For example, having developed a painful hip ( Total Hip Replacement may be on the horizon) the simple act of putting on one’s sock can be a monumental task. For me it’s becoming more difficult. Embarrassing actually.  

So a simple search for a “sock puller onner” revealed several such devices on Amazon. Where else? There are probably 2 dozen or more of these devices available so I chose the least expensive one and Amazon delivered it promptly. 

Eureka, I exclaimed the first time I tried it. No pain! Sock fully on requiring no further pull up. If only I had invented this $15 item myself. 

Here is what it looks like. 

Here is what it looks like while in service. 

The SOCK PULLER ONNER is a winner. Especially for us old people. And it works really well with Pressure Stockings too. 

Just saying…