Who is going to win on Tuesday?

The US election is heating up with just 4 days to go. Who will win?  I don’t know but at this point I would put money on Trump.  The polls don’t seem reliable to me as they seem to have favoured CLINTON and appear to have discouraged Trump supporters. But as we get close to the day the pollsters are tightening up.  They don’t want to lose all credibility if Trump hits a home run on Tuesday.

In my mind the polls have not reflected what is happening in the ground.  Trump has been drawing enormous crowds at his Rallies while CLINTON has had much smaller crowds and fewer rallies.  Trump’s running mate Mike Pence has Aldo been drawing pretty good audiences while her running mate Tim Kaine can’t seem to attract enough people for a pick up soccer game.  Apparently the battle of lawn signs is being dominated by Trump.

The pollsters are tightening up their predictions now.  They don’t want to look like fools next Wednesday.

And now CLINTON and some if her associates are under FBI investigation  will more on this come out before Tuesday?  Maybe.

To be sure, this is the most unusual Presidential race in my lifetime.  Surprising, fascinating and historical.

On Wednesday some pundits will be gloating and some will be scraping egg off their faces?  I can’t wait to see the result.  Dinner in front of the big screen on Tuesday at our place.

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