More thoughts before November 11.

In 2005, our son Jackson and I made a 10 day WWll trip to England, France, Belgium and Holland.  We visited most of the battle sites and cemeteries in the area which was fascinating since we both had read several books on D-Day and beyond. It was, to be sure, a most memorable trip for both of us.

One of the most interesting experiences happened as we drove south on Route D13 past Falaise as we searched for the famous Falaise Gap and the Coridor of Death where German troops tried to escape Normandy through a very narrow road with thick hedgerows on either side.  The German Army suffered enormous casualties at the hands of Canadian and Polish troops.

As we cruised down the road through the beautiful FRENCH countyside, we broke over a hill and saw a large Canadian flag flying in the town of St. Lambert-Sur-Dives.  We stopped under the flag and found a memorial to Major David Currie of the South Alberta Regiment.  Currie had commanded a tank force, the Calgary Horse, in the Falaise Gap battle. The Germans lost 300 men, 500 wounded and The Canadians captured 2100.

The local residents honoured Major Currie with this memorial.img_6277

Major Currie was awarded the VICTORIA CROSS for his efforts.  He later served as the Sergeant of Arms in the House of Commons in Ottawa.

Not far from this memorial is the Corridor of Death where the battle took place.


And here is a historical photo of the Germans surrendering to Major Currie. He is on the left holding a revolver. He was 32 years old


It was an amazing day for Canadian to visit this spot in France where our troops had played such an important role in WWII.

Lest We Forget🇨🇦


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