Vendée Globe

Seven days and eight hours and the lead boats are already south of DAKAR on the African West Coast.  The leader is the Englishman Alex Thomson driving the HUGO BOSS.  He has covered over 2000 nautical miles and sailed 429 nm in the past 24 hours. That’s an average speed of over 18 knots.

The second placed boat is 31 miles behind while the 28th boat is now over 1000 miles behind the leader.  Yesterday some of the boats were running at 19 knots.

If you want to follow the race more closely, try the Vendee Globe App on your iPad or iPhone.  Or follow the race on Facebook or on the net at

Only 21,800 miles to go.  Wait until they turn left at Capetown and head across the wild Southern Ocean.  60 foot boats, full crew of one.  That’s it. Just the skipper.  Alone!  Not for me.  Just saying…








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