Trudeau Eulogies.

Following Justin Trudeau’s remarks regarding the death of the Dictator of Cuba, Fidel Castro, the pile on began. Someone started a Twitter Site #trudeaueulogies and everyone from Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Greg Gutfeld to numerous Canadians jumped in. The tweets were hilarious in their mockery of our lightweight PM. Here are just a few.

#trudeaueulogies “Today we say goodbye to Mr. Mussolini, the former Italian prime minister best known for his competent train-management.”

“Osama Bin Laden was certainly a controversial figure, but his contribution to airport security is unparalleled.” #TrudeauEulogies

#TrudeauEulogies “Pablo Escobar’s legacy of opening up Columbia’s export markets & fighting for prison reform won’t be forgotten”

“Stalin was a remarkable figure and one of the fathers & innovators of the strict form of diet better known as starvation.” #TrudeauEulogies

“While a controversial figure, Robespierre led France w/ a clear vision & firm resolve while others were losing their heads” #trudeaueulogies

“Let us remember Jack the Ripper as a great benefactor who worked tirelessly to get female prostitutes off the streets”. #trudeaueulogies

“Osama bin Laden advanced the world’s understanding of Islam.He also provided a valuable service in improving building codes”.#trudeaueulogies

There were dozens more all mocking Trudeau. What an embarrassment he is to our country. He will have a significant PR problem getting through this.

Well, somebody voted for him. Not me!

Just saying.

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