Netflix for Foodies



If you subscribe to Netflix and if you fancy yourself as a foodie there are a host of interesting shows from which to choose. Some feature restaurants and chefs, others combine food and travel, still others are historic or documentaries.

Also, some feature wine. Today, we are watching ‘A YEAR IN CHAMPAGNE‘, which is a semi documentary in the Champagne region of France. It describes the region, the vinyards, the wine and includes a trip in the cellars. All you wanted to know about champagne and more.

Try the series, THE MIND OF A CHEF. It has 3 seasons to watch for a total of 50 episodes. FOR GRACE chronicles one Chef opening a new restaurant. We recently watched the series  AVEC ERIC, featuring New York Chef Eric Ripert who does the foodie thing in Australia, Korea and Puerto Rico. A Netflix original CHEF’S TABLE is really well done. THREE STARS describes the effort required to earn a Michelin Star.

A COOK ABROAD features 6 chefs visiting various countries. CHEF’S TABLE, FRANCE  is great too.

If you enjoy pubs the feature, THE IRISH PUB is for you. Another documentary is SUSHI,THE GLOBAL CATCH, is  fascinating as it explores the history of Sushi. THE SEARCH FOR GENERAL TSO explores the history of the famous chicken dish. FOODIES is an interesting look at a collection of international food bloggers and is worth a watch. If you are a steak aficionado, try STEAK REVOLUTION.

Good, informative shows that you may enjoy. All on Netflix.

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