It certainly has been entertaining and fascinating to watch the political emergence of Donald Trump. Like him or not, he has really turned the USA upside down. The Main Stream Media were wrong, the pollsters were mostly wrong, the political pundits were mostly wrong and despite the criticism of the man he got elected. They said he could not win Ohio. Michigan? Are you kidding? Florida? No way. But out of over 3100 counties, Trump won 2600. Clinton won 500. Almost everyone made the wrong call.

I know, Hillary won the popular vote but mostly in Greater NYC.  It doesn’t matter.

Since November 8, Trump has been going full steam ahead. He is picking exceptional people for his cabinet. How could one not like a guy named Mad Dog Mattis? The Stock Market has soared. Record close in New York today. A number of corporations are in the process of, or considering moving some of their manufacturing back to the States & people are excited. Well, maybe not the Democrats. Trump is flying around the country giving thank you speeches to the voters.  Clinton is throwing a party for her wealthy donors.  I like the former.

Trump, despite his faults, is a doer! I love the story about the skating rink in Central Park. The city had spent several years and $13 million dollars trying to renovate it but there still was no ice. Trump went to Mayor Ed Koch and offered to fix it. He did. Ahead of schedule, under budget. He brought an ice maker from Montreal to make the ice, naturally.

Tighten your seat belt, hang onto your hat, 2017 is going to see some remarkable activity in the USA.
Just saying…

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