Sprint To The Finish

With just 1700 miles to the finish line in Les Sables d’Olonne, France, Englishman Alex Thomson on HUGO BOSS has a real chance to catch up to race leader Armel LE CLÉAC’H.  Only 113 miles seperate the two.  Thompson led much of the race as they headed south down the Atlantic two months ago  he only fell into second after damaging one of the hull foils on his boat after hitting an unidentified floating object. The damage affected his speed on one tack so he has been handicapped all the way across the Southern Ocean and the climb back up the Atlantic


This morning he is running about a knot faster than Armel.  Thomson says he needs to be within 50 miles of the to have a chance of catching him.  It could be an exciting finish to this amazing race. Can the BANQUE POPULAIRE III maintain the lead?  In just a few days we will know.


In  third place is skipper Jeremie Beyou on MAITRE COQ, but he is 561 miles behind the leader and there is not enough time left for him to catch Thomson.  The rest of the fleet is spread out over 8000 miles and I’m sure most of those adventurers will be happy just to finish.

An epic journey.

Just saying…










One thought on “Sprint To The Finish

  1. Hi Terry! We had a really nice visit with Josee and now she is enjoying her friends in Vancouver! How is Susan feeling today? Our daughter Lesley in Winnipeg has been suffering with painful ear and sinus infection and they can’t find the right antibiotic…it makes you wonder about all of these bacterial and virus bugs! Anyways…still sending some hugs! Carol


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