Vendée Globe top 3.

It took Armel Le’ Cleac’H 73 days and 3 hours to finish the 24,000 mile Vendée Globe round the world race and take first place. In second is Alex Thomson crossing the finish in 73 Days 19 hours. Jeremie Beyou showed up back in France after 78 days on the water.


Three more boats have now finished the race while the last boat has yet to round Cape Horn. Sebastien Destremou is 18th and more than 8000 miles from the finish. But he is still persevering and will likely finish.

29 boats started, 18 will finish. An epic race with valiant, or possibly slightly mad sailors covering 24,ooo nautical miles all alone on 60 foot racing boats. Just finishing is an accomplishment.

Thanks to fantastic modern communication we have been able to watch the race is some detail from start to finish. For me it was a real treat!  If you want to read about the 1995/96 race in which Canadian skipper Gerry Rouf disappeared, try THE GODFORSAKEN SEA. I just reread it and recommend it to you.

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