Tribute to the Meat Pie!

I admit to being a fan of Meat Pies. Have been since I was a kid. So here are a few of my recommendations for meat pie sources.

EAT FRESH  in Parksville does a great job on meat pies including individual French Canadian TORTIERE’s, Steak & Mushroom & Chicken pies. They are delicious and enough for two diners. Country Pies in Coombs makes good ones too. They supply pies to many of the pubs in BC. You can buy them at their home location or pick them up at Quality Foods.

Another spot for outstanding Steak & Kidney and Steak & Mushroom Pies is the CROW & GATE PUB in Cedar. They make their own, deep dish with a puff pastry top. Superb!

But, my all time favourite meat pies come from my personal Meat Pie Mecca, the Dutch Bakery in Victoria. Since 1956, this family owned bakery has been turning out Beef Pies, Chicken Pies and Turkey Pies. And I’ve been eating them since 1956 since my mother often bought them way back then.



The Dutch Bakery Meat Pies are consistently delicious. They seem to have excellent quality control. I’m thinking that if you make the same item using the same recipe for over 60 years you certainly got through the learning curve long ago.

I like these Pies cold or warmed up. In my other life I visited Victoria every two weeks for about 20 years and frequently bought some Pies to take home to Vancouver. Six in a box and two in a bag. The latter were to devour in the Swartz Bay Ferry lineup. Yes, you can enjoy them, manually, right in your hand out of the bag. How many of these crusty bits of deliciousness have I enjoyed? Hundreds over 60 years!

If you are fond of meat pies, try the DUTCH BAKERY in the 900 block of Fort Street in Victoria, just around the corner from CACTUS CLUB. You will be tempted by some their other specialties like Marzipan coated Dollar Rolls, Ribbon Cake and a wonderful assortment of cookies. There is also a restaurant serving lunch. It must be good because it is always really busy.

One thing to remember, when you enter the bakery, take a number from the machine on the counter. This way you will avoid the elbow jabs by the little old Victoria ladies in line.

Just saying…

One thought on “Tribute to the Meat Pie!

  1. Okay so you live in a great foodie spot on the island Ha! We love meat pies too! For your info Thrifty’s make amazing meat tourtière’so at Xmas! I bought several this year and each one delicious as ever! I have not tried the Dutch Bakery ones but will! You should be getting commission for your plugs! Carol


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