Freighter Traffic in BC Waters

BC ports, particularly Vancouver, are so busy now that there are 9 ships anchored in the Gulf Islands awaiting berths. 3 are in Navy Channel near Saturna Island, 4 near Cowichan Bay, and three on the west side of Valdez Island. Two more are at anchor ourside if Nanaimo harbour.

One of the ships, the HANJIN SCARLET has been here since last fall as it is a victim of the HanJin bankruptcy.  Local folks have been taking supplies and gifts to the crew who are shipbound.

The anchored ships on the map below are noted as bright green squares.

Just saying…


One thought on “Freighter Traffic in BC Waters

  1. Interesting. Are there any plans that you know of to relive the port congestion? I expect ships waiting cost money and added cost is passed on to the Canadian consumer and that would be me.


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