Prior to moving to the island we were spoiled with the wide selection of fine Chinese Restaurants in the lower mainland. Our go to place in North Vancouver is RED CHILLI Szechuan Restaurant at 741 Lonsdale. If you are in Vancouver you must try it. Choose the Ginger Beef, Singapore Noodles and Prawns in Black Bean Sauce with peanuts. You will not be disappointed.

On the Island, alas, the choices are few and far between. Tan’s in Parksville apparently has a good Buffett but we have not tried it. Not crazy about buffets. We have heard negative reports on China Kitchen so will give it a pass.

However, on two occasions we have enjoyed, with a large group of friends, take out from the NEW CANTON RESTAURANT in Qualicum Beach. This week the take out included about 10 different items and the food was enthusiastically attacked by the gang. We all thought it was pretty good and would most certainly order from the New Canton again. None of us have dined in the joint so I will make an attempt to do so and report back.

There are several Chinese places in Nanaimo and Ping Hui, the lady at The Winery, told me that Shanghai City is quite good. From two other sources I have heard that DA TANG in Beban Plaza on Bowen Road is very good. It’s Szechuan so it’s spicy. It is well rated on Trip Advisor. I’m going to give it a try. Will it compare to my beloved RED CHILLI? We will see.

If any readers have good things to report on Chinese Food, please let me know by email.

Just saying…

One thought on “CHINESE CUISINE

  1. Having been there with you and Susan I totally agree. It was a memorable experience in every way, food and ambiance and if I lived in paradise I too would be a regular at this very pub and be known by my first name like you are


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