Going out for coffee? There are number of coffee joints in Parksville/Qualicum Beach that are worthy of consideration. Our favourite is CREEKMORE’S COFFEE at the Hillier’s Junction. It’s a funky, hippy dippy kind of joint but they do their own roasting and feature several varieties of dark, medium and decaf. It’s family owned and they have been roasting and serving since 2000. We buy their BUZZRITE BLEND for home consumption but will break that pattern if there is a special for $10. Regular price for 400g is $13. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are served here and it all looks good. Muffins of interesting ingredients are made in house and are really good. They also feature a wide selection of tea. Feeling like a cappuccino, or a light lunch, try CREEKMORE’S. Be sure and take a bag of coffee home too. If you wake up early and are restless, they open at 6:30.

BAILEY’S IN THE VILLAGE in Qualicum Beach is another popular coffee joint, but it’s also a full fledged restaurant. Breakfasts look good and the blueberry scones are excellent. Lunch is also served here. Lots of regulars inhabit Baileys and there are often tables with 10 or 12 friends enjoying a visit. If the weather is good there are several tables outside on the square they share with the Town Hall.

Just across from the theatre on Second is HeBrews coffee. I meet here monthly with a group. We have found the coffee good and the muffins very tasty.

Down on the lower east side just past Resort Drive on 19A is SERIOUS COFFEE. I’ve been there a couple of times and enjoyed their coffee. Pastries and light lunches are available and the Calzones and Panninis are worthy of your consideration.  Serious Coffee are a chain serving only Vancouver Island and they roast their own coffee. The store is spacious and has lots of free parking.

One more spot I’ve tried is Pacific BrImm on Craig in Parksville. Cozy place with good service. They also serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They claim the Eggs Benedict are outstanding. Maybe it’s time to try them. If you are a tea drinker Pacific Brimm offers 12 flavours for summer.

Of course, if you are in a hurry or just lazy you can do the drive through at Tim’s or Starbucks or, Good Grief, McDonalds. Or, if you need groceries anyway, coffee and a pastry at ‘A Step Above’ in Quality Foods in Qualicum Beach is pretty hard to beat.

Just saying…

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