Everyone loves a good HOT DOG from time to time. Well, not quite everyone? My favourite girl is not a big fan of tube steak deliciousness, but most of the guys I know like them. Most baseball parks sell good hot dogs and Schneider’s produce the official Toronto Blue Jay wieners that you can pick up in most food stores. Our youngest son is a baseball fan and on a multi stadium baseball tour, he and a pal tried Dogs in Chicago , Baltimore, New York, and Cleveland. As I recall, the best was at Baltimore’s Camden Yards. Hot dog wieners are, in my opinion, best grilled on the BBQ. Frying inside in a pan is a second choice. On a stick over a campfire is another tasty version. My brother and sister in law occasionally do exactly that in a lakeside park near their home across Okanagan Lake from Vernon. For me, Boiling a wiener is only a last ditch proposal. The only other hot dog possibility worthy of your consideration  is a hot dog in France where they insert the wiener in a pre drilled Baugette with Dijon Mustard, of course. They really are good but I haven’t seen such a thing around here.

I know you can get a big hot dog at Costco for a Buck Fifty, or you could try the guy at Home Depot in Nanaimo, but for this tubular meat aficionado I’ll stop at Central Builder’s Home Hardware on 19A and park beside THE DUDE’S DOGS in the corner of the parking lot.


Sharna, a charming and friendly lady with a delightful Australian accent is the boss here and she grills up a really fine Hot Dog. I have enjoyed the STANDARD with fried onions and it was, indeed, a really good dog. But you might prefer the Spicy Italian, the Honey Garlic or the Polish. They are all served up in an excellent large bun for $5 or $6. All the toppings  are offered including chopped onions. Help yourself.  Sharna also supplies water and soft drinks. Who else sells a soft drink for a buck?IMG_7238

Eat in your car or sit at one of the nearby picnic tables. Either way, I know you will not be disappointed. On the next sunny day, when you a bit peckish, cruise by DUDE’S DOGS and try one.

Just saying…



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