Yellow Point Christmas Spectacular

Yesterday we joined some friends and went to the matinee performance of the YELLOW POINT CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR at the wonderful Port Theatre in Nanaimo. What a show! Spectacular indeed.

Since we were expecting an all Christmas show we were pleasantly surprised to hear music from Rod Stewart, the Beatles, Lady Gaga, Garth Brooks & Shania Twain. The Beatles segment was particularly good with 3 male singers and the female singers and dancers wearing fabulous shimmering Union Jack dresses.

Yes there was a fair amount of Christmas music too with solos by several of the singers. And there was even audience participation singing several carols. There were just 3 female and 3 male singers and 5 dancers but it seemed like much more.

The band was amazing. Piano, violin, guitar, bass & drums. The sound from that small group was bold, loud and impressive. Two members of the band are faculty members in the music department of VIU.

A delightful part of the show was a series of solo recitations of poems and anecdotes. Really well done.

Great music, singing, dancing, costumes and staging. Very professional. If you have not seen this show, don’t miss it! Can’t go this year, plan for the 12th annual production next year. Only two days left. Last performance is Sunday, December 17.

Just saying…

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