Bayside Bistro

Found another really good lunch place today as the boys had a pre Christmas lunch at the BAYSIDE BISTRO in the PARKSVILLE QUALITY INN. Oh yes, we have been driving past here several times a week for more than six years but had only once stopped. That was when we were house hunting and we had a quick refresher in the sports bar which was not impressive at all. We had heard good reports, however, on the Bayside Bistro and I’m glad we checked it out.

To begin, the bistro has a spectacular ocean and mountain view! It is a nice room, very spacious and a view from every table. And today the view was spectacular with all the fresh snow on the mainland mountains. In the summer months there is a patio which could be a winner on a sunny day in June. Fortunately, the food and service complimented the view. I chose a the day’s Special sandwich, fresh turkey on toasted Sourdough. It was delicious and was accompanied by excellent french fries. One could have soup or salad instead of fries.
This Bistro has a good selection of Craft Beer on tap. My Arrowsmith Blonde Lager, a local brew, was outstanding. Our server was friendly and efficient too.

The Bayside Bistro is open for breakfast,  lunch and dinner and the breakfast menu looks inviting. You can peruse the menu at

Based on our first visit we certainly will add this place to our recommended list. It’s at 240 Dogwood just off 19A in PARKSVILLE.


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