Another Drive, Another Pub.

Since it was such a beautiful sunny day, my favourite girl thought a drive would be the plan. So at noon we jumped into the ILX and headed up 19A to Comox to check out a pub we only recently heard about.


Right beside the Canadian Forces Air Base is the GRIFFIN PUB. We arrived just after 1300 so there were lots of tables. The pub is decorated is all manner of military memorabilia, mostly air force variety. The walls are covered in dozens and dozens of photos and drawings of military planes. Quite interesting if you are into aircraft.

We had heard that this was a great pub, a favourite of some folks we know who live in the area, so my expectations were high.  Unfortunately, we were somewhat disappointed. The food was OK but was just regular old pub food. I had the Beef Dip which wasn’t even close to the gold standard Beef Dip at the Crow & Gate Pub. The latter serves up at least twice the Beef for less money. My favourite girl chose Chicken Fingers with a honey mustard dip. Was good but nothing to rave about.

Our server was a pleasant young lady who did a good job, although the table beside us remained uncleared during most of our time there even though 3 different staff people came by and looked at it.

All things considered, I’ll choose the Crow & Gate, The Lantzville, The Rocking Horse, or the Shady Rest before going back to the Griffin.

If you want to give it a try, you can find the Griffin At 1185 Kilmorley Road in Comox.

Here is their website.

Just saying..

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