We are so fortunate to live on Vancouver Island where there is such an abundance of fresh local meat and produce available. Fruit, vegetables, meats, wines, spirits, we have it all. We can go directly to farms, or buy at the various farmers markets. But if it’s meat you are after here are two businesses you need to check out if you have not already.



If you haven’t shopped at HILLIERS GOURMET FOODS you really must give it a try. Located not far from Qualicum Beach on Highway 4,the Alberni Highway, it is a European style meat store. They make their own double smoked  bacon and it is excellent. They made the breakfast sausages for our Canada Day Brunch and they were maybe the best we’ve ever enjoyed. 

Where else can you buy fresh Pork Bellies?  When I figure out how to cook them, I’ll buy some. 

The selection of in-house made sausages is large too. 

If you are a foodie you need to check this joint out. 

Speaking of meat, the other wonderful meat market in the area that is a must go, is NESVOG MEAT & SAUSAGE COMPANY in Nanaimo.  This place is like Mecca for Carnivores. It is a family run operation in business since 2005.  It’s large and busy. On our last visit there were at least 8 staff behind the counter taking orders.  They are courteous and efficient. Be sure and take a number and wait for it to be called out. 

The inventory on display is amazing. Steaks? Take your pick.  Sausages made right there! Many varieties. We like the spicy Italian Sausage which is great with Pasta. All manner of Pork, too. Ribs, Chops, Roasts. And Chicken galore.  

Want something marinated? Try the Maui Ribs. Best we’ve had. They also do Maui Steaks. And several kinds of delicious looking Kabobs as well as  several varieties of chicken wings. We put the Buffalo Wings on our bbq the other night. Excellent.  Sliced meats and other deli items can be had also. How about stuffed Portabello Mushrooms?  Right there and ready to go. 


More than meat there is an excellent cheese section and a host of oils, mustards, rubs, crackers, breadsticks, etc., you will want to browse through. Not up to making dinner? The ready to go meat pies are very good as is  the Shepherds Pie and the Lasagne. Usually available are fresh berry pies in a small size perfect for two. 

The main store is in TERMINAL MALL on 19A about a kilometre or so past the Departure Bay turnoff if you are heading into Nanaimo. They have a Second much smaller store on Bowen Road near Northfield Drive but the main store is the place to go.

If you have not tried Nesvog, please do so soon. Check out their website

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