Tacos in Coombs

On the recommendation of a friend we decided to give the Taqueria next to Cuckoos in Coombs another try. Last time they did not yet have a liquor license, but they do now. 

it’s really a lovely outdoor Taco joint. A very appealing patio under  a huge cedar tree.  They serve several flavours of tacos as well as burritos, home made chips, &  tortilla soup.  They offer 3 levels of sauce on the tacos and burritos. Mild, medium and scorching hot. 

It’s basically a food truck.  You order as you go in and they call out your number when it’s ready. We ordered 3 beef tacos and two icy cold Coronas. Luckily,  we were in line behind two families with kids and the most indecisive pair of parents in the world. I thought they would never finish ordering. Some people are clueless, stupid, or thoughtless. I guess they thought they were the only customers there. Finally I ordered and headed for a table for two with the Coronas and limes. 

The Tacos were OK but not notable. The fish tacos at the Lantzville Pub are much better. Next time I’ll try the Burritos.   However, this patio on a warm day is a pretty nice place to sip on a Corona. They also serve Margaritas but no wine. 


As we were leaving we ran into Fausto, the head honcho of Cuckoos who also manages the Taco stand. He told that the family that originally started the Coombs megaplex lived in the cottage just behind the patio and that they used to tie up the family cow to the huge Cedar tree way back when. 

If you are hankering for some Mexican tastes and want to relax on a charming patio,  Check it out. 

Just saying…

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