Cookware & more in Duncan

The foodie ladies that give me kitchen tips told me about a must visit cookware shop in Duncan. So, since Saturday was a beautiful, sunny, fall day, an afternoon drive with my favourite girl seemed appropriate. 

We pointed the red ILX south and an hour later found POTS & PARAPHERNALIA! 


Wow! What a fabulous store it is. It’s in a beautifully restored old red brick building at 838 Canada Avenue in Duncan. The first step through the door almost takes your breath away as the displays are so artfully done. It’s a very spacious store full of glassware, dishes, pots, pans and pretty much everything else you might need or want. Don’t miss the upstairs where you will find stunning Duvet Covers and a grand assortment of sheets and towels and other things bed and bath. 

The very friendly staff said one must visit in December as the store is decorated in a spectacular fashion. They also mentioned that they have a sale on all bedding every August. 

POTS & PARAPHERNALIA, the ladies advised, has been in business for 39 years, 13 at the current location. The experience shows as much of the stock is tasteful, so elegant. Some of the best product displays I’ve seen anywhere.  Absolutely a must visit even if you don’t need anything. 

So if you are out for a drive or headed to Victoria or planning a winery tour in the area, include this wonderful shop on your itinerary. 

For a sneak look check out their website at

We took the slow road home through Maple Bay, Crofton, Chemainus and Saltair, a lovely drive on a country road. As our timing was good the ILX found its way to the CROW & GATE PUB for a 4 o’clock late lunch early dinner sometimes known as Linner. 

Just saying…

2 thoughts on “Cookware & more in Duncan

  1. I Love that store! A must when in Duncan, and Power Lunch next door belonged to my friend Robin Duke before she found love again in Australia 2 years ago. The Crow and Gate an absolute must too! Took my friend there last year when she was here from Philadelphia. The gardens are wonderful!


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