RICKY’S ALL DAY GRILL opened six weeks ago on 19A in the south end of PARKSVILLE.  My old colleague and friend Neil, from Victoria, was in Nanaimo and wanted to meet for lunch. RICKY’S seemed like a good choice since I had never been in a RICKY’S before. Maybe my fondness for White Spot since 1952 caused me to overlook Ricky’s. 

It’s in a brand new building next to the Arbutus Grove Motel at 1182 Island Highway East and owned by the Aarbo family, owners of the motel  since 2003.   We found it to be very nicely done, in a White Spot sort of way. I guess the owners would say a Ricky’s sort of way. Mostly booth seating with a few counter spots. Very bright with big windows all around. The menu is as one would expect. Sandwiches, Burgers, Fish & Chips are the norm here. Neil, not known to shy away from hearty groceries,  opted for the Blackened Chicken Fettuccine and rated it as excellent.

B179C28B-5C53-4A9F-A2E0-97DCDF0FA478 I chose the $12 quick lunch special, a Burger with Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, served up on a wood plank with excellent fries. The burger was right sized for me, not too big, but really good. Here is the lunch special menu. They serve up half sizes of these sandwiches. 


Service was prompt and friendly. The staff trainer did a good job. Parking is ample too.  Here is the full menu. https://rickysrestaurants.ca/menus/

I liked my first encounter at RICKY’S and will go again. If you have not yet been to this new joint, put it on your list. 

Just saying…

One thought on “RICKY’S in PARKSVILLE

  1. Hi Murph; If you are looking for an excuse to drive north, there is a relatively new restaurant here in CR called the Garage – because the building used to be a service station. Its on South Island Highway about half way between Willow Point and our place. The food is very good and a bunch of folks who live in our building go there on a regular basis. The bride and I were there for lunch on Wednesday. We both had their WonTon soup which comes in a huge bowl and is very good. Its not a Chinese restaurant but it is Chinese that operate it. They have a lot of noodle salads and such that are also very good.

    …… Just Saying



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