Return of the Restaurants

Much  as I enjoy cooking at home, like most people I also enjoy dining  out in restaurants and pubs,  the pleasure of which has been unavailable to us since early March when the pandemic hit.  Take out has been available and good but just not the same as going out. Well, good news! Restaurants are reopening with new guidelines as to table spacing, size of parties etc. 

Last Friday I met my old friend from Schooner Cove at the SHADY REST PUB on Qualicum Beach. It was wonderful. We began with a cold draft  beer, our first in months. My pal ordered the Seafiod Cobb Salad  that he judged as excellent and delicious. I had been craving Fish & Chips for weeks so chose the Haddock, two pieces. It was fresh with crispy batter and pretty good fries. 

The staff were terrific and all so happy to be back  at work. Service as good and the food was served very quickly. Tom, the manager, came by out table for a visit too. By the way,  they are taking reservations. 

There are some really good pubs on the island and the Shady is one of them. Consistently good pub fare with a spectacular ocean view. If you are ready for dining out, they are ready for you.

Welcome back Shady Rest. 

FRENCH CREEK PUB is also open as is the CROW & GATE PUB  not sure about Lantzville.

Just saying…

2 thoughts on “Return of the Restaurants

  1. We went out for lunch last weekend. it was great – tables well spaced (they had removed half of their tables), waiters very careful and aware of restrictions, cleanliness apparent at every turn, and so great to get out! Marilyn


  2. Way to go Terry….nice to see you are able to enjoy the restaurant life once again! My sister and I ate at the Surly Mermaid in Sidney on Friday…I had a wild pink salmon burger!

    Take care,



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