Summertime Food

What a great time of year for foodies. We are so fortunate to have an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables in our stores, markets & farms

Among our favourites are sweet Onions. There are still Vidalia onions from Georgia in the stores. Bought some this morning. And soon there should WALLA WALLA SWEETS from Washington. There are fresh Bing cherries from the Okanagan  and today I picked up the first RAINIER cherries. They were developed in 1952 at Washington State University and are a cross between Bings and Van varieties. So sweet and so  delicious.


We have been enjoying Corn on the cob. Corn is from California and it’s pretty good but it won’t be long and  much better local corn from Silver Meadows Farm will be available. Can’t wait. Grilled right on the BBQ is how we like it. Seems to bring out the sweetness.

And tomatoes are starting to have some flavour too. The multi coloured grape tomatoes are great on a skewer on the BBQ or sautéd in a touch of oil in a pan. So good.

By the way the Beef hamburger patties at Silver Meadows farm are excellent and we tried their own Bacon this week. Worth a trip to Errington for that pork deliciousness.

Qualicum Foods had a big supply of Lamb Shanks last week so I picked up a couple and will turn them into OSSO BUCCO soon. Will serve it with creamy polenta, a food I’ve never cooked before. Should be good.

Great food to take our minds of the virus. Happy cooking!

Just saying…

2 thoughts on “Summertime Food

  1. Thanks for this food news Terry!

    Just a question….how long do you leave your corn on the barbeque? It seems you don’t wrap it…or is it in the husks…more details please! Haha



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