The first two boats in the Solo Vendée Globe Round the World Sailing race have now rounded Cape Horn. Frenchman Yannick Besthaven on MAÎTRE COQ IV, is the #1 boat and has 6800 nautical miles to the finish line in France. Second around the Horn was Charlie Dalin on APIVIA, just 68 miles behind Bestaven. 

Six women started the race and Isabelle Joschke was running in 6th  position 650 miles behind the leader She must be quite a sailor. She has slipped back to 8th. 

The last boat in the fleet is now 6700 miles behind the leader. No chance for him to win. The lead boats will be home in France sipping Cognac and noshing on Escargots before he rounds Cape Horn.

The Leader

In 18th place is Jeremie Beyou, on board CHARAL, who restarted the race 5 days late after making repairs. Upon his restart he was 1000 miles behind the last boat but amazingly made up the time and miles and started overtaking other boats in the South Atlantic. He is now about 300 miles behind 15th placed Englishwoman Pip Hare as they approach Point Nemo, a remote island in the South Pacific. Those skippers are about 2500 miles behind the leaders. 

These boats are often sailing at speeds in excess of 15 knots. Remember these vessels are 60 feet long and being sailed solo, no crew. How these skipper manage to sleep is beyond me. 

Click on this link to see the map.


Here are some great shots of some of the boats

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