Close Encounters

The leader . Charlie Dalin.

After nearly 70 days of racing over 24,000 nautical miles of water, the top 6 boats in the Vendée Globe Solo Around the World Race, are within 100 miles of each other. That is simply amazing. Any one of those skippers could win this race. They are off the coast of Brazil getting close to the equator with about 3700 miles to the finish line. Below is 3rd placed Boris Hermann.

Meanwhile, there are 5 boats that still have not rounded Cape Horn. The very last sailor is 7500 miles behind the leader. Four of the 6 women who started the race are still in it.  Unfortunately for Isabelle Joschke, who was competing very well in 6th place, damage to her keel was so severe she had to abandon racing and head for a safe harbour in Brazil. Best placed woman today is Clarissa Cremer on BANQUE POPULAIRE in 12th. 

With the leading boats so close together the lead will most likely change many time before the finish. 

Just saying…

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