At long last the new QUALITY FOODS store in PARKSVILLE opened yesterday. So it was time for a look see. Went over this morning to check it out and to have breakfast.  I decided on the Scrambled BENNY special.  $8.99. Two English muffins with a very generous portion of sliced ham, scrambled eggs and Hollandaise. Served with hash browns. The ham was delicious. The eggs were on the rubbery side and the Hollandaise was unremarkable. But it was only day two and it was cheap. The Bacon & Egg Breakfast with toast and hash browns at $5.99 is my choice next time. Perks Avenue Cafe is nicely set up, cafeteria style, with both bar counter seating and tables all topped with quartz countertops. A giant flat screen in one corner for the sports fans. 

The store itself is…SPECTACULAR! Very spacious with beautifully presented produce and meats. I noticed freshly made meatballs which I will probably buy. For 2 people it’s hardly worth making your own. The Deli section is huge and appears  to have a lot more variety than the Qualicum store. All sections seem to have an enhanced variety of items. Of course there is a Sushi Bar and the popular Chinese Kitchen.  

UPSTAIRS features a BAR. In a grocery store! In Canada! A really grown up, sit up, and order drinks kind of bar. Very nicely executed too. Also, a coffee and sandwich counter and an array of casual but very comfort lounging areas in which to enjoy your croissant and coffee. Plus, outside is a patio with some nice looking furniture. So if you go over as a couple, one can  shop while the other can slurp it up at the bar. Could be a marriage saver for some. 

The one thing that surprised me is that unlike A Step Above in other QF stores, there is no kitchen ware, accent pieces etc. 

In addition, QF has installed a state of the art Cart Sanitizer! 

It’s Quality Foods Flagship store and it sure looks Ike it. Spacious and Spectacular. 

Just saying…

3 thoughts on “QUALITY FOODS OPENS!

  1. Hi Terry,

    Good to know! Will have to check it out. We were in QG in Qualicum and tried out the new cart sanitizer – it didn’t work!



  2. Hi Terry…..

    Did they just renovate the old store or is it in a completely different location?

    I love that store!

    Will be fun to check out next time we are up your way!

    Take care,



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