Italian Treat

Well it took me to age 80 but I finally have tried NUTELLA. Not sure why, just curious I guess. For some reason I thought Nutella was from Australia but recently discovered it is Italian and dates back to the end of WWII.  After the war there was a shortage of chocolate so Pietro Ferrero, a pastry maker from Piedmont in Italy, ingeniously created a sweet paste made from hazelnuts, sugar and just a little of the rare cocoa. Originally, it was marketed as SUPERCREMA . In 1964 Ferrero’s son perfected the spread and named it NUTELLA. It’s popularity soon spread to Germany and then France. 

In 1978 the company began manufacturing in Australia where Nutella had become popular. The company now has 20 production plants around the world producing 365,000 tons of Nutella and employs more than 34,000 people. It’s annual sales exceed 8 billion Euros per year. That is a lot of Nutella. 

The Chaiman of the company is Giovanni Ferraro, grandson of the founder. He is reportedly the richest person in Italy with a net worth of

over $35 billion US. 

So last week I bought a bottle of this now famous chocolate spread and enjoyed it on a toasted English Muffin.  It was really good. I’m a convert. 

Nutella is made of 7 ingredients. Palm Oil, Hazelnuts, Cocoa, Milk. Lecithin and Vanilla.  And it tastes like a chocolate spread. 

If you have never tried it, I recommend that you do. 

Just saying…

One thought on “Italian Treat

  1. HAHA….it has been a staple in our home since the kids were little! Norm really likes it although he also loves peanut butter and jams! I prefer dark chocolate with ginger or sea salt caramel! Haha!


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