Paris Bistro

While in Paris we booked a reservation at a Bistro recommended by our hotel. Just a 3 or 4 minute walk. 8:30 PM was the earliest we could get in at BISTRO D’HENRI. This was a rather small joint with room for perhaps 30 patrons. The tables were so close together you could share with your new neighbours. Perhaps 8 inches between. Not unusual in Paris, of course. 

After viewing both the French and English Menu Boards,

we began with a bottle of  icy cold SANCERRE White Wine which was excellent. A Rocket Salad with Parmigiana was shared. My first Rocket and I loved it. Sheila, not so much. Sheila chose Roast Chicken in a Mushroom sauce accompanied by outstanding scalloped potato’s. It was a half chicken and was excellent.

I ordered Roast Duck which also arrived with the scalloped potatoes. The duck was wonderful, perfectly cooked, sliced and resting in a simply delicious red sauce, a sauce I’d like to replicate. No other vegetables were served with either dish. Odd! Of course there was a sliced baguette but no butter in sight. What would Julia Child think? 

It was a truly delicious meal but this joint was crowded and noisy. Oh my, the French do like like to talk.Loudly.  And wave their arms! Most of the patrons were French but we chatted with two sisters from the USA and a couple from Brazil. 

Bistro Henri was a real French Bistro experience. Grreat food, good wine, local ambiance. 

Just saying…

One thought on “Paris Bistro

  1. We love that you are putting in pictures with your reviews. So much easier to visualize. Now I need to research Rocket Salad to see what it is and what would be in a salad that made it not so delicious. Thanks for sharing this.


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