I know, I know. I have  reported on several Taco serving restaurants recently. But there are more out there on Vancouver Island and they are good. 

In Victoria yesterday for my Grandson’s Grad Ceremony, I met with his family at ROMEOS in Broadmead Village for a pre ceremony bite. As it happens there were Fish Tacos on the menu and two of us ordered same. Three Tacos in the order served with some tortilla chips and Guacamole. Very delicious and nicely presented. Here they are. By the way the Calamari here is outstanding.

Today, on the way home we decided to catch the Brentwood/Mill Bay ferry and since we arrived at the terminal almost two hours early we headed immediately to the SEAHORSES Cafe right beside the ferry dock. They have a nice deck over the water and we we directed to a perfect table for two. Today’s special? TACOS! Chicken, Pulled Pork or Fish. 

Fish it was. Three Tacos served with a very spicy dipping sauce. Oh so good. Why does food seem to taste better outside? 

If you are in Brentwood you can’t go wrong at this joint. 

Check out the menu here. https://www.seahorsescafe.com/menu

Who has the best Fish Tacos? Tough question. All the Tacos we have tried have been really tasty. Apparently it’s Taco Time on the Island. 

Just saying… 

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