I have posted a few brief reports and photos of War Cemeteries in Europe recently on Facebook but a good friend asked me to post them here too for the benefit of those who are not on Facebook.

In 2014 on a trip to Italy, a Roman friend graciously took us to Anzio, south of Rome to see where the Allies landed in the invasion of Italy. We visited 3 cemeteries near Anzio. All of these Cemeteries are beautifully maintained 70 years after the war and for us it was a truly moving experience to see and to walk through the row and rows of headstones.

The Beach Head Commonwealth War Cemetery near Anzio contains 2,316 burials of the Second World War, 295 of them unidentified. The invasion of Italy began in September, 1943.


Also, near Anzio is the Sicily Rome American War Cemetery where 7900 American men and women are buried. There are 26 sets of brothers lying beside each other. These soldiers perished in battles in Sicily, Anzio, Cassino and Rome. 



Near Pomezia, south of Rome is a huge German War Cemetery containing the graves of 27,000.  The enemy also suffered enormously in Italy. It was almost surreal visiting here.  Notice that there are 3 soldiers per grave.

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