Overdose Epidemic

Vancouver and many other communities are experiencing an epidemic of drug overdoses involving FENTANOL. Nine drug users died just last night in Vancouver and something like 200 have died in the past three months. It’s quite shocking.

I watched a press conference with the Vancouver Police and the Mayor today. They all talked about what they could do to prevent this problem and how they could save  these unfortunate druggies from themselves. More safe injection sites they say.  I call that enabling.

Life is about choices.  If one chooses to use street level drugs purchased from the most unscrupulous criminals, then one takes the chance of dying from an overdose.  Bad choice.

The Paramedics are now so busy dealing with the overdose problem, service to the rest of us who may need an ambulance is compromised.

Maybe I missed it, but at the press conference they did not say anything about rounding up the bad actors that sell this stuff.  I’m pretty sure the Drug Squads knew who most of the pushers are.  Round them up I say!  Charge them with murder or manslaughter and put them away. But no mention of that!

Singapore does not have a street drug problem because the penalty for possession or trafficking is the death penalty.  Seems to work quite effectively.

The do-gooders have not come close to solving the drug problem.  They have just allowed it to flourish.


Just saying…





2 thoughts on “Overdose Epidemic

  1. Hi Terry,

    I agree with your emphasis on getting the drug pushers….those who are spreading drugs that kill!

    Just a question….anyway of getting your font size bigger so your posts are easier to read?



  2. Couldn’t agree more. I guess these drug pushers have a never ending supply of drug users —-they don’t seem to mind killing their own customers.
    Isn’t that bad marketing?


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