Cape Horn Coming Up

Day 44 in the amazing Vendée Globe round the world sailing race has Armel LE CLÉAC’H on BANQUE POPULAIRE III still in the lead and expected to round Cape Horn, the southernmost tip of South America on Friday, December 23.  He has sailed over 16,000 nautical miles with about 7300 to go.

Cape Horn.



Some 600 miles astern is Alex Thompson on HUGO BOSS.  Then there is a bunch clustered 1200 or more miles behind. In third place is French  skipper Jeremie Beyou, but he is 1200 miles behind the leader. Thomas Ruyant, whose boat hit an unidentified object and seriously compromised the hull, has successfully sailed to safety in New Zealand.

The last boat is 7500 miles behind the leader.   Sébastien DESTREMAU
On TechnoFirst was 4 days late staring the race but has now caught up to the back markers.  He is 21st and last.

The waters around Cape Horn are known to be particularly dangerous so we will watch as the leaders approach.

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