Overdose Epidemic

135 people died from illegal drug overdoses in November in BC. That’s more than 4 per day. The crisis is overloading the system. In one day 9 deaths occurred in Metro Vancouver. Paramedics, Police, Firefighters,  are all responding to such an extent that other non drug using citizen’s needs are being compromised.

The cause, they say is that already debilitating drugs like Heroin and Cocaine are being laced with Fentanyl, a deadly opioid.  And it’s not only the addicts that are dying but also so called recreational users. A couple in West Vancouver, recreational users,  died from an overdose and left a young child behind.  Why would a recreational user take such a risk.

I like beer and wine, but would I buy either in a brown paper  bag from some dirt bag on the street.  Not a chance.

The news media, talk shows, police and politicians are addressing the epidemic with suggestions that more safe injection sites are needed. More people should be carrying the antidote to help save lives.

Not once in the past week have I heard anyone address the purveyors of this crisis, the Drug Traffickers. There was a time when the Drug Squad would swoop down and make multiple arrests, sometimes involving dozens of street level dealers. Apparently, that is not done anymore because as fast as the police arrest them, the court system lets them go. It doesn’t make any sense to me but it is what it is.

In any event, if the druggies keep dying at this rate ( about 700+ this year so far) the traffickers are going to run out of customers. That must be a Business School example of a bad marketing plan.  Kill your customers.

As I often say, Singapore does not have this problem. Trafficking or possession of illegal drugs is subject to the Death Penalty. I like that.

Supposedly solving this problem are the same do-gooders who reported already spend    a million dollars a day solving the problems of the downtown East Side in Vancouver.   They haven’t solved a darn thing. They have just created an industry and jobs for themselves.

Just saying…

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