Vendée Globe

It’s day 57 in the Vendée Globe Round the World Sailing Race and six boats have now rounded Cape Horn. The leader Armel LE CLÉAC’H, on BANQUE POPULAIRE III, has just 4500 miles to the finish. Alex Thomson on HUGO BOSS, is 147 miles behind. Third placed skipper Jeremie Beyou has made significant progress and is now only 790 miles astern of the leader.

Away at the back of the fleet, Sebastian Destremau on TECHNO FAST, is 7500 miles behind and is sailing just south of Tasmania. Yesterday, the Irishman, Enda O’Coineen , retired from the campaign after losing his mast. So now there are 18 skippers still racing as 11 have retired.  The retirements are all due to equipment failure or damage.


The Vendée Globe is proving to be an extreme test for the skippers, the vessels, and the sophisticated electronic navigation and communication equipment.

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