Best for Breakfast/Brunch

Going out for Breakfast or Brunch is always a treat. Recently, I met some pals for a late  breakfast at LEFTY’S in Qualicum Beach.  First time here for Breakfast and it was very good. Two eggs, bangers, pan fried potatoes and sourdough toast.  All the ingredients were perfectly cooked to my taste.  Two of my tablemates had omelettes which looked pretty inviting too.  ‘LEFTY’ the owner came buy to refill our coffee and we had a delightful chat with her.  She opened the Qualicum Beach location about 18 years ago.  There is also a Parksville branch.  Thinking of Breakfast?  Think LEFTY’S at the light!

Probably our favourite brunch is one that involves Eggs Benedict.  The best Benny around these parts is at the SHADY REST,  on the water in Qualicum Beach. Try the traditional Benny with Black Forest Ham, or the Seafood Benny with Scallops, Prawns and Dungeness Crab.  Or you might choose the Florentine with Spinach or the West Coast with Smoked Salmon and Goat Cheese.  If you like Hollandaise Sauce you will love the homemade deliciousness here. All the Benny’s include a side of the best roasted potatoes ever. Oh you can order omelettes,  french toast and some other typical breakfast fare, but for me it’s all about Eggs Benedict.

In the summer you can enjoy brunch on the patio overlooking the water. It’s hard to beat!  The Shady only serves brunch on Saturday and Sunday and they open at 11.

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