Vendée Globe Update

img_635967 days after leaving France, the lead boat BANQUE POPULAIRE III, skippered by  Armel LE CLÉAC’H, is still in first place with less than 2000 nautical miles to the finish line. On board HUGO BOSS is Alex Thomson just 200 miles behind. With the right winds Thomson still has time to catch  LE CLÉAC’H.  800 miles behind the the leader is Jerimie Beyou.

18 off the 29 staters are still in the race but there are still 8 boats that have not yet rounded Cape Horn. The poor chap in last place is 9000 miles behind the leader.

The lead boats should finish the race within the next week. 24,ooo nautical miles, circumnavigating Antarctica on a 60 foot sailboat all by yourself. That is a special kind of crazy.

Just saying…


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