Anyone who knows me knows that we are enthusiastic fans of Quality Foods, especially the store in Qualicum Beach.  We like the layout, the staff, and the STEP ABOVE, the coffee bar and kitchen/giftware department.

Well, Quality Foods have definitely ‘kicked it up a notch’ at their newest store across the street from Victoria General Hospital.  Wow! The store is huge and really well designed.  It is the Qualicum Beach store on steroids.  I had lunch in that Step Above yesterday.  The space is huge, twice as big as Qualicum Beach and much less cramped.

The food is similar but they feature two different Thai Chicken Soups.  I enjoyed a cup of the regular while my friend and future in law, Carol,  ordered the Green Thai Soup which she pronounced as delicious. I also tried a perfect grilled cheese.  They also serve Chili, Reuben’s and several other sandwiches.

Best of all, unlike The hospitals of Island Health, the WiFi signal is strong and free.

On your next trip to Victoria, check out the new Quality Foods.  Just take the View Royal exit and follow the hospital signs.

Just saying…




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