Bistro 694

Possibly the best restaurant north of Victoria, Bistro 694 in Qualicum Beach

continues to live up to its reputation.  The small, intimate Bistro is just excellent and certainly worth trying if you have not done so.

i visited on the weekend with my Okanagan Brother and Wife.  On their last visit to OCEANSIDE we could not get a reservation so this time I secured a table well in advance. They were really impressed. They both ordered the small house salad which looked beautiful and apparantly  tasted wonderful. I chose the pita and Humus which is always good. She chose the Seafood Crepe and he the 5 ounce Filet. I chose my usual Butter Chicken. All three dishes were delicious to say the least. My Brother said it was the finest restaurant meal he’s had in years.

The ambiance, the service and the food is simply perfect at Bistro 684. I asked our Hostess/server if her husband has help in the kitchen. No, she replied, but I help him with the prep work in the afternoon. They do have a dishwasher. That’s it. The Chef, his wife the Hostess, and one waiter, a charming Scot from Edinburgh. What’s he doing in Qualicum Beach?  Met a Canadian girl, of course.

If you are looking for a romantic dinner with your partner, or a special event with friends, think Bistro 694.

Phone at least a week in advance for a reservation.  They are busy.

check out the menu at


just saying…

2 thoughts on “Bistro 694

  1. Absolutely the best meal I have had in years, excluding home cooking of course.

    My steak was perfectly cooked, tender, with an outstanding peppercorn sauce and some of best brown potatoes I have ever had.



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