The Brute

After a hiatus of at least 8 years I paid a visit to a BOSTON PIZZA restaurant with my media mogul son from Toronto who was visiting this weekend. We hit the Parksville store on Saturday night along with just about everyone else in town. It was busy. Fortunately the Hostess was efficient and found a table for us quite promptly.

We had been talking BOSTON BRUTE before we arrived so we both ordered one and a small wings appetizer to share.  The Honey Garlic wings were excellent!  The Brutes were epic!

The Boston Brute is a meat sandwich in a hoagie bun and features Salami, Pepperoni, Smoked Ham, Mozzarella, Pizza Sauce and Onion. If you are going all in, you should also order the Bolognese meat sauce to dip it in.  It really is a good sandwich but it does tip the scale at 800 calories, not including the sauce.  However, the sodium content is truly off the chart.  3060 mg of sodium. Thats about a two day supply. Not really good for one’s blood pressure. But I guess once a decade the heart can handle it.img_6730

Boston Pizza is not a restaurant I’d visit again any time soon, but if you feel like a meal out and a chance to watch some sports too, you might head to BP.  They have acres of big screen TV’s in the Bar and the Dining room.

Just saying…

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