The End is Near

121 days after sailing out of France, Sebastien Destremau is about 500 miles from the finish line in the epic Vendée Globe single handed around the world sailing race.  The winning boat crossed the line in 74 days, 3 hours. Armed LeCleac’h has been home in France enjoying French wine, foie gras, cassoulet, and Strawberry tarts for almost two months. Second placed skipper Alex Thomson did it in 74days 19 hours and, had he not broken a spoiler early in the race, probably would have been the winner. He sailed back to England after the race and has, no doubt, been noshing on Bangers and Mash, mushy peas, fish & chips, washed down with multiple pints of Guiness for nearly two months.

Meanwhile, Destremau is still sailing along west of Spain. He should finish soon, perhaps on day 123.  To be fair, he was delayed for repairs along the way which was a considerable setback for him. Nevertheless, he persevered and will finish the race. That alone is a huge accomplishment. Not only has he sailed around the world in sole command of a 60 foot boat, but he has put up with his own company and his own cooking for 4 months. That is a true accomplishment.

Sebatien Destremau on deck.


29 sailboats began the race, only 18 will finish. Why would these sailors want to do this?  Because they can, of course.

I have enjoyed following the adventure. The internet coverage has been exceptionally good.  Modern technology took care of that.  The next race is in 2020  I’m looking forward to following it too!

Just saying…


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