Why would one think of a Prime Rib dinner at a pub?  Well, normally I wouldn’t but on my way home from Nanaimo this evening I thought I’d drop ino one of our favourite joints, The Lantzville Pub, for Fish & Chips. Did not happen.

Yes, I did drop in but my server immediately suggested the dinner special, Prime Rib. Saturday night, forget the Fish. I’ll try the Prime Rib.  She said it is excellent.

The Prime Rib arrived and surely lived up to the advance billing. 8 ounces of medium rare beef sliced not too thick or thin, but just right. Joining the beef were creamy mashed potatoes, a large, delicious Yorkshire Pudding and a medley of really tasty roasted vegetables including carrots, zucchini and parsnip. A generous very good dark brown gravy and a small dish of Horseradish finished the plate off.

There are two options, 8 ounce or 12 ounce. $20 or $23.

It’s  not Hy’s or even the Keg, but it was delicious, well presented and darned good value.  Served every Saturday night.

Want to go out, spur of the moment, and feel like beef, try the Lantzville Pub.

I think the Rocking Horse Pub also do roast beef on Saturdays but I’ve not tried it. I can recommend the Prime Rib at the CROW & GATE PUB also but it’s a long drive home in the dark.

Just saying…



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