Back in the 1950’s and early 1960’s there was a wonderful joint in Victoria called the JOLLY FRIAR.  Located on Cormorant Street at the Corner of Blanchard it shared a narrow building with a service station. It was small, maybe a dozen stools at the counter along with two tables on the left ( according to brother D’Arcy, although I do nor recall).  A single flat top cooked everything except the Chilli.  A staff of two of three.  That’s it! But the Burgers!  Oh my.  They were perfect.

My first choice was the double Cheeseburger.  All included onions grilled right in front of you on the flattop.  All were served with Shoestring Potatoes on the side. You know the thin little things our of a package.  Delicious!

Sometimes the BERMUDA BUN was the ticket. Toasted bun with ham, cheese & a slice of sweet onion.  The contrast between the warm bun and the cold ingredients was awesome.  I still make them at home to this day!

The Chilli  was also excellent. So a burger with a side of chilli was almost orgazmical!

Check out the menu…


I am not sure when the Jolly Friar closed but it will always be a wonderful memory for me.  I wish it was still there.

It was as institution at the time.  I have no idea who owned it owned it or who managed it.  I just know it was fabulous. Unique and memorable.  As Archie Bunker would say “THOSE WERE THE DAYS”.

Just saying…





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