Coombs, BC, is famous for the Country Store with the Norwegian Style Grass Roof complete with grazing goats, but it’s really not where one would expect a 400 seat Italian Trattoria & Pizzaria.  Nevertheless, just such a place can be found there.

It would be easy, if visiting Coombs for the first time, to miss the restaurant since it is located up the driveway past the Store, the Ice Cream Parlour and the Fruit & Vegetable stand.  But there it is.  Most first timers are amazed with what they see. CUCKOO’S is in a very Italian looking two story building that was built about 6 years ago. It is quite a find, especially during the summer when the very large and very delightful patio is open. One can easily feel like one is sipping wine in Tuscany.

CUCKOOS’S has three indoor dining areas, all Classic Italian with white walls, wood floors,  white tablecloths, and big windows.  The kitchen is semi open so you can see your pizza being created.

We have enjoyed our visits to Cuckoos many many times because the food is good and the atmosphere is terrific. Some food highlights include excellent salads. Their Caesar Salad is always good as is the Caprese Salad. Small and large options.  The small is big enough to be shared by seniors like us. A wide range of pasta dishes are offered including Canneloni, very tasty Spaghetti Carbonara, and the most popular,  Linguini Pescatora. The portions are very generous so sharing a pasta dish is a serious option.

A variety of appetizers to share are featured including my favourite girl’s all time favourite, Crab Cakes.  An assortment of Appetizers with a bottle of Pinot Grigio would make a nice summer lunch on the patio.

We love the thin crust brick oven pizza.  They are, in our opinion the best in this part of the world.  The Capricciosa  with prosciutto, artichokes, olives, mushrooms & Mozzarella cheese  and is our favourite.  Perfect to share unless you have a huge appetite.

Every table receives a complimentary bread basket accompanied by a zesty salsa.  The breads are wonderful, all supplied by the bakery in the Country Store.

If you are there with a gang you might consider the Paesano Deal, a big spread to share served on big platters.

For dessert, you cannot go wrong with a Terimisu, ever.  Or your choice might be the Chocolate Peanut Butter Stack or maybe just a Cheescake.  All good!

The staff are great here too.  Of course when you frequent a place often you do get to know the servers and bussers  pretty well.

CUCKOO’S is open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week except in January and February when the entire complex is closed. If you have not been, you really must!  It’s in Coombs on Highway 4A.  Close to Parksville and Qualicum Beach.  

You can check out the complete menu here.

Just saying…




2 thoughts on “CUCKOOS IN COOMBS

  1. Hi Terry!

    Haven’t been to this place since we were there with you and Susan! I love the wisteria over the arched doorways!

    As I recall we really enjoyed ambience and food!

    We had a call last night from Josee and she mentioned that her and Jackson have selected “Edible Canada” restaurant on Granville Island for their evening wedding party.

    She also said they may choose to get married in TO before ….at Justice of the Peace…not certain just in their mind at this time.

    Where will you likely be staying in Vancouver…with friends or in a hotel?

    Is Susan getting closer to a return home?

    Thinking of both of you!



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