Famous Hotel Closes

On one of our trips to New York City, my favourite girl and I spent some time in the famous WALDORF-ASTORIA HOTEL on Park Avenue.  We love hotels, especially the famous ones, so we had a really good look around the common areas concluding with an adult beverage in one of the bars. We will never visit this grand hotel again, nor will you.  It has closed.



The Waldorf-Astoria opened in 1931 and hosted every President since Hoover along with celebrities and royalty. It was both luxurious and opulent. The name came from the previous merger of two hotels owned by William Waldorf Astor, and his cousin, John Jacob Astor IV. One time owner Conrad Hilton called it “the greatest of them all”. But Hilton International sold the building to a Chinese Insurance company and it is being converted to apartments. Probably they will be luxurious and opulent too. After all, it is Park Avenue.

I am happy that we had the opportunity to visit one of the most famous hotels ever.

Just saying…



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